Have you ever wanted to learn how to program but been frightened away by how complicated it looks?  Are you a programmer already, but want something fun to prove your awesomeness?  Or do you just want to prove your geek cred by making an awesome pendant that you can reprogram for any occasion? 

If that's you, then you need this pendant kit.  Our videos teach you how to program the board and then decorate and assemble the project just the way you want it. 

This project uses a graphical programming language by Microsoft called Make Code.  All you have to do to program it is drag colorful blocks around!  It is the easiest way to learn how to program!

You'll end up with a light-up pendant perfect for Burning Man, Edwardian Ball, Maker Faire, or just any any night (or day) on the town.  And when someone sees the pattern magically change when you simply touch one of the screw heads, they'll fall in love with your art.

Wearable Programming Lab - Light-Up Pendant