Aether Catcher Kit

What's better than the Steamy Tech Aether Catcher light box? One you build yourself.  This kit includes all you need to build one for yourself.  It includes the laser-cut wood, electronics, and a custom-built circuit board that allows you to build your own Aether Catcher without the need for any soldering.

In a dark room, the colors will shine a pattern on the wall and oscillate from red to green to blue with all the mid tones. It runs on an AC adapter (included) or 4-AA batteries . Use it as a night light or beautiful mantelpiece or table decoration.

The box is a 4" cube and the box lid opens and allows you to display a crystal, imitation candle, or other small item (1.5" tall and 2.5" in diameter.) Charge your wedding rings or earrings with the all the power of the aether.




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