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Wooden Geared Fidget Spinner - Kinetic Rose
Wooden Geared Fidget Spinner - Kinetic Rose

We know you've seen them.  Those fidget spinners that every kid has right now.  You didn't quite understand their popularity, but then you picked one up and you couldn't quite put it down.  Your fingers just want to play with them.    But they're plastic and all they do is spin, so you can't quite justify getting one. 

Now you can have the fidget spinner made for everyone.  The Steamy Tech fidget spinner is made of wood and routed so it feels great in your hands.  Then we added gears to the top, to make it much more interesting.   When you watch it spin, you can watch the fascinating patterns the gears make on the top and see through the cut outs.  And finally, it's just pretty. We think of it as pocket art.

The Fidgets are about 3" in diameter and 1" tall and are the perfect size for everyone.




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