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Thanks for Visiting - Here are Special Offers just for NVIDIA Employees and their Families

About Us​


In 2012 we (Greg and Lora Price) started Steamy Tech out of our home in San Jose, CA.  Our goal now, as it was then, is to imagine, design, and create beautiful laser-cut art and kits.  Most of our pieces are kinetic, giving you finished art you can fidget with and kits to learn from as you make them.  

Over the years we've extended our product offerings beyond our initial set of products.  Visit our various websites to see all the fun things we've created.

  • Visit for our full line of pre-built geared products and kits to make yourself.

  • Subscribe now at to get either 1 project or 3 projects every two-months along with art supplies, glue, sandpaper, and video instructions.  We give you all the things you need to make our newest inventions.  Bay Area subscribers are also invited to join us for bi-monthly box release parties with exclusive projects and fun activities.

  • Experience the magic at to schedule your event at the Steamy Tech mystery room where you interact with our technology and solve the mystery.

  • Or if you have your own laser or CNC machine, subscribe at and let us teach you how to make the most of your tools.

Just for You

Steamy Tech is happy to offer NVIDIA Employees a
10% discount on all products, subscriptions, and events.

Coupon CODE: NV2020

For a 10% discount on products:

For a 10% discount on subscriptions:

For a 10% discount on tickets to the Steamy Tech Mystery Room:

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