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Wibble Wobble
Wibble Wobble

Do you have trouble concentrating?
     Do you love beautiful things?
           Do you feel the need to fidget?

Then you need a Wibble Wobble!  It's not only beautiful, it's fun to fidget with.

One of our favorites gears is the elliptical.  For this pendent, we've connected two first order elliptical gears together and mounted them. The best part of these is that that the axis isn't in the center.  They wobble as you spin them, making them as fun to play with as they are fun to watch.

Wear this pendant everywhere and bring the fiddle with you wherever you go.

The finished pendant is stained a beautiful wood color is about 2.5"x1" in size, and is 1/2" thick. It comes on a 24" brass ball chain and can be trimmed to the desired length.




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