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Jewelry - from Steamy Tech?

If you know Steamy Tech you know we are all about technology and what we can do with it. You also know laser cutting and gears are what we've done for over 10 years. This year we upped our game with 2 new bits of tech and they are game-changing! First, we learned how to hand-bend acrylic. Industrial manufacturers do this all the time, but we never would have thought to do it small scale. and bring it to you. We also learned how to transfer an image onto acrylic. When we combined those two things with lots of ideas, iterations, and failed parts throughout the process we ended up with butterflies! Who doesn't love butterflies? As well as an entire line of new jewelry just for you.

If you enjoy our products, I'm sure you never thought we would be in the jewelry businesslike this, but here we are. We are working on the coolest, geekiest options possible for you!

Take a look at the website for samples of some of the jewelry we have available and subscribe to get earrings and a pendant monthly.

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