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Tips and Tricks - Sanding

Today's tip is on finishing wood and decorating before you build your kits, as we ship them to you with wood freshly cut by the laser. That means if you are going to build one of our kits, then you probably want to prepare the wood in some way. When we do it, we start with a rotary sander using 220 grit sandpaper and go over all the pieces and parts, then blow them off with an air compressor. Finally, we finish it with Minwax oil-based wood stains. There are instructions on the cans, but let us tell you what we've learned from lots of practice. First, shake the cans well. Then, use a foam brush or a paper towel to apply the stain, let it set according to the instructions, and then wipe it off carefully. With a little practice, you will be able to get a nice, even stain covering on your parts. If you don't want to use wood stain, then you have even more choices. You can use almost anything that will dye the wood. If it is absorbed into the wood, it will work well. One last hint, be careful using paint. If the two surfaces rub into each other the paint can rub off, scratch off, or otherwise be damaged.

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