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Wibble Wobble Kit

Wibble Wobble Kit

SKU: 0094393998792


There are many types of unusual gears in the world.  One of our favorites is the elliptical.  For this pendent, we've connected two first order elliptical gears together and mounted them. The best part of these is that that the axis isn't in the center.  They wobble as you spin them, making them as fun to play with as they are fun to watch.  The pendent is 2.5x1x.5" in size making it perfect for anyone.

Because it's a kit, you can decorate it however you want.  Use metallic markers and make it bright and sparkly, wood stain to make it feel traditional, or even paint to make it modern.  Whatever you choose, you'll end up with a piece that is completely your own.

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