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Tips and Tricks - InstaSet

If you have ever glued anything together with "super glue" then you know that sometimes it doesn't want to stick, so we thought we'd take a little a few minutes and tell you about two secrets you can use for getting the glue to set instantly. First, we should tell you that "super glue" really is a brand name for Cyanoacrylate adhesives. Most makers will call it CA. Anyway, chemically it sets pretty fast and is pretty strong. That's why we use it for building almost all our products. But it also means that sometimes we try to use it for things where it doesn't want to stick without a little help. Here is where today's secret comes in. The first option is one you probably have at home -- baking soda. It works great to put just a little baking soda on top of the CA if you can't get it to stick. The second way costs a little something, but it is much less messy. It's a product called Insta-Set and the chemical composition helps it set CA instantly as the name implies. The trade-off is that baking soda will bubble and turn the glue-site white, while Insta-Set leaves it clear and the surface unchanged. This tip will change your build game like nothing else.

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